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About Erin

I am very grateful to have grown up in rural Maine with artist parents and a sister older by two years.  The rural landscape of Maine remains an essential and rich resource to my inner self.  

Art was the only path for me and I attended The Cleveland Institute of Art where I earned my BFA.   I subsequently spent the better part of two decades as a freelance metalsmith working with accomplished designers nationwide. 

Most recently I have moved fully into a mixed media and painting practice which feels just like home.  

Artist Statement

I view my art as a practice.  


A practice born of inquiry, an opportunity to connect with the mysterious nature of time, language, structure, void, relationship and the curious, inexplicable elements of being human.  


Engaging with this practice I endeavor to remain present in process, in conversation. Never seeking an outcome, a single mark invites a dialogue with the next, and the next, and so on.  

I relish the rich and varied realms of exploration through art.  The intuitive translation of accumulated sensory experience into visual language is a great gift and privilege of the stunning mystery that is life. 

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