Artist Bio

Erin Seegers is an artist native to rural western Maine, currently residing in Brunswick. She graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1997 where she studied Painting, Photography and Enameling.


Erin spent 18 years as a freelance metalsmith working with jewelry designers countrywide.  She is currently happily back to exploring her own creative vision in many media. 

Artist Statement

In the studio I seek simply to be present with a light and curious heart, responding intuitively moment to moment in conversation with the mysterious realm of creative action.  I rarely impose a theory or agenda but accept elements as they come from internal or external sources.  My inquiries often reveal a fascination with the human condition and how we relate to one another and express ourselves as individuals within larger contexts. Simultaneously the work expresses the depth of conversation that can occur through simple arrangements of line, shape color and pattern.  

As I work I often feel I am a witness and remain curious about the origins of images manifested.  I am enormously grateful to engage in the mystery that is the creative process.